What is a membership card and how does it work?

A membership card is a card that is valid for one year from purchase and is actually a discount card.

A membership card gives you a discount on all activities in Familyland. In addition, partners are regularly added, such as the children’s store Regnboginn, which is not located near us but has joined the members’ discount club. Then you only need to have your card with you and show it to take advantage of the discount.

You can shop for membership cards online here!

Membership cards provide a discount on entrance fees and all courses in Fjölskylduland.

40% Discount of 1 entry fee.

40% discount of 10 time card Fjölskyldulands.

15% discount of all classes in Hreyfiland. 

5% discount in the store Cocobutts.

10% discount in the store Regnboganum. Regnboginn.is

20% discount with Markétu. jóga/Qigong. Marketafoley.com