Have an adventurously fun birthday in Fjölskylduland! Birthdays with us are experiences that leave memories that will not be forgotten anytime soon.

This is how birthdays work in Fjölskylduland:

Birthdays are celebrated on weekdays between 16-18, and on the weekends between 12-14. Birthday is always 2 hours, both birthday-room and a playground. (note that it is possible to have it earlier during the day on the weekdays, but most people are inviting birthdays after kindergarten/school, we do not have birthdays on weekends at the moment).

It costs ISK 2.900 kr. per child for a birthday. A confirmation fee of ISK 10.000 kr. is required to confirm a booking. Then the rest is paid on the birthday, when the total number of guests is known.

NOTE It is not possible to use clip cards for birthday guests. Birthdays are a completely separate price list for Fjölskylduland.

Please drop us a line at to check available dates and book birthdays!

It is good to arrive 15-20 minutes earlier to prepare the hall if you have to decorate or set up refreshments. You have the birthday-room these 2 hours for yourself and therefore all stuff, gifts and other things can be kept while playing in the Fjölskylduland playground.

Invite guests to arrive 15 minutes before the birthday party starts to register and receive a sticker. It is possible to arrive with a birthday cake and other refreshment.

NOTE: you have to bring all the refreshments yourself, you can buy soft drinks, soda, schwiss, coffee, etc. in our convenience store but there are no cakes or pastries there.

Care must be taken to finish eating inside the window hall and it is only allowed to have refreshments there and guests need to clean their hands before going back on the playground.

If the parents of children are leaving their children in your care, they must sign the terms of responsibility before the birthday that they are allowing the parents/guardians of the birthday child to be responsible for their children during the birthday. Parents must write down the child’s name, their name and phone number on a list when arriving.

The minimum number of guests is 10 people.